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SanaiSchara refers to the planet Saturn, and is one of the nine heavenly objects known as Navagraha in Hindu astrology. Shani is also a male deity in the Puranas, whose iconography consists of a handsome figure carrying a sword or danda (sceptre), and sitting on a crow. He is the God of Justice in Hindu religion and delivers results to all, depending upon their thoughts, speech and deeds. He also signifies spiritual asceticism, penance, discipline and hard work. His consort is goddess Manda.


Rahu is one of the nine major astronomical bodies (navagraha) in Indian texts. Unlike the other eight, Rahu is a shadow entity, one that causes eclipses and is the king of meteors. Rahu represents the ascension of the moon in its precessional orbit around the earth. Rahu is usually paired with Ketu. The time of day considered to be under the influence of Rahu is called Rāhu kāla and is considered inauspicious.


According to some accounts in Hindu mythology, Ketu belongs to Jaimini Gotra, whereas Rahu is from Paiteenasa gotra and hence both are totally different entities with distinct characteristics but are two parts of a common body. Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet. It is believed to have a tremendous impact on human lives and also the whole creation.In some special circumstances it helps someone achieve the zenith of fame. Ketu is often depicted with a gem or star on his head signifying a mystery light.


About Us

Sri Sri Shanischra Mahagraha Temple is the first temple in Eastern India. It is founded in 1997 magha saptami. Upto 1980 diety was being worshipped under a tree. In the year 2016 it is under supervisional commission of endoment law department.
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  1. The offering to the Lord in the morning that forms his consists of Khechodi Bhoga.(12:00 noon)
  2. The Madhyarnha dhupa forms the next offering at the noon.
  3. The next offering to the Lord is made in the evening at around 8 PM it is Sandhya Dhupa.
  4. The last offering to the Lord is called the Kakera bhoga.
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Mandir Time Table

From 10 October to 15March

From 16 March to 14 October